Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why do I need a website?

While working in the web design / web presence market, I was surprised to uncover that there are many businesses that do not (and don't plan to) have a web site. (USA today: 7 out of 10 solo businesses do not have a website)

OK, I thought, in a sales situation - it is normal to have to prove to a customer what a product (web site) can do for their business. After all, if a business is going to spend money on a web presence, what will the return on investment be? A logical question for any purchase.

As I talked with more businesses, similar statements came up time after time. I questioned deeper. The responses I received were very interesting:

• I've been in business for a long time and am doing fine
• I'm the only game in town
• My customers don't use the internet for this type of thing
• I'm already on (or other group business site)
• I am just starting my business and it is on my list
• I don't have the money right now

Why is this perception out there? Is it because the businesses are based in a smaller town? Do they dislike me as a salesperson? Or, do I need to describe the market and business reasons behind a web site / web presence?

I'm going with the latter! Here are my top 5 (yes, there are more!) market and business reasons behind a web site / web presence:
Your competitors have one - A web site is a simple way to get into the game and play at the same level as your competition no matter the size of your business

Your customers are looking for your web site (even if you don't know it) - This is a customer behavior pattern . . . period

Your customers will become involved in your business including adding other social media tools such as facebook / twitter / etc.  Customers love to be involved, hear things first and first hand, share with others and interact with you

It strengthens your credibility - Having a well-designed, professional website (this is key!) will give your business a credible presence and will increase the trust that customers have in you

• It is working 24/7 for your business



  1. This is so true. It's frustrating in this day and age not to be able to find information about a business on the internet. Having a website is so basic. I think that it's one of the first things a new business should do.

  2. Regarding restaurants and web sites / social media etc . . . take a look at the onmedia report with Tim Cusprin. Tim talks with Joe Sorge of AJ Bombers about their success with social media.