Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Its All About Credibility

Is the internet trustworthy?

Can it make your business credible?

I was talking with a client today about their overall web presence. They made a very succinct statement regarding web sites, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc., when they stated "well, for me, it is all about credibility". This was coming from a new business owner that is just beginning their web presence.

This is a very simple thought and a very powerful business message. With very little effort (a lot of this stuff is free), a product that will sell and a great marketing/design team (like SolidBlueTie!), a business can build strong credibility.

My client went on to say that they want their company web presence to show that:
• We are a business
• We are market experts in this area
• We have satisfied customers
• Our customers are willing to recommend me and my business
• We will give you the best value for your money
• We are trustworthy

Talk about a strong 'value statement' . . . did I mention that I love my customers . . .